Saturday, 18 March 2017

My message to my fellow Afrikaners in South Africa- regain your warrior spirit!

It is a story which Afrikaners my age know all too well.

A nation of people subjugated by war with the British and oppressed slowly rising and managing to establish a republic at the Southernmost end of Africa. The story of how these people have  regained their ethnic pride and what they have accomplished with their unity has filled our history books.

Then- with no more English soldiers to humiliate, subjugate or kill them, these people, the Afrikaners secured their hold on this country and made sure that no one else rises up to take it from them. That meant that the Black people, who actually made up the majority of this country's people and who regarded themselves as the indigenous people of this country before us- had to be kept in check.

Now we can allow some of the most hypocritical among us to come and say that it was for their own good and so forth, but that does not change the situation in which we find ourselves now.

In 1994 the tables got turned with a simple election. The once powerful minority that held sway got replaced by a majority that was as eager to rule as they are incapable. Well- at least by my standards they are. To their minds and and to the minds of their misguided followers the ANC is doing a great job running this country!

Sure! Water has become unsuitable for drinking, electricity supply has become unreliable and crime, corruption and unemployment has never been higher, but hey- the Whites are no longer in charge so who is complaining?

Now what is the point to my politically charged introduction? Well- as the video at the top of this post shows. People like me who speak Afrikaans as a first language and whose skins are white are now a minority group targeted by a majority group for extermination.

Whether the Government supports it I don't care. Fact is- the Government and this country's police is doing nothing to protect us. It is up to ourselves to ensure our own safety.

Now- foreign readers may not find anything to take home from this point in the post, but as a martial artist I want to tell my people this:

Ever wondered how we have become so weak and such easy targets? It has nothing to do with a president or whoever you feel has sold us out. As a person who has been at the bottom of every social structure or corporate ladder that I have encountered in my life I can assure you- you will always have people appointed above you who make crappy decisions without any regard for your wellbeing. You will always be negatively affected by those decisions.

Hell! I am working for myself now and still cannot prevent myself from bearing the consequences of other people's lack of foresight or inability to plan!

Blaming these people will get you nowhere in life.

Back when our people were nothing more than farmers, postal workers or railway workers they had lots of people in charge of them who made some really bad decisions about their lives.

Hell! Many of their mothers and grandmothers have died in British concentration camps before the Anglo-Boer War had come to its anticlimactic end!

What a lot of people from that generation will tell you about that time is that there was a prevailing collective pride in the hearts of the Afrikaner as a nation. What I will tell you is that times were tougher then...

Back then these people were not rich. Their lives were not nice and comfortable enough for them to say: "Let sleeping dogs lie."

No! Their lives sucked! They hated it. They wanted to change it and were desperate enough to get off their arses to do it! 

What some historians will tell you is that the decision of Generals like Smuts to surrender to the English was purely for reasons of preserving the Boer nation. They were simply not strong enough in numbers to hold off the English and would have been wiped out. Many Boers from that time would tell you, though, that they were ready to die and would have wanted to fight on for much longer.

This indifference to death is very important to a warrior. Without it he cannot be of any use in battle.

The people we see being killed now are not warriors. They are scared of death and they die with fear in their hearts. As long as we are like this these killers will regard us as soft targets.

The old rules of giving a robber your phone/ car etc no longer apply. These people want your life!
Your backs are now against the wall and your only chance of survival shall now be to fight to the very death! Yours or theirs! Begging for your life is not going to cut it, though.

Living in fear will get us nowhere.

You know you live in a violent country. If you do not yet know how to protect yourself or defend yourself that is your choice of which you have to bear the consequences. As a martial artist I have long since decided that I shall stay in this country and not live here in fear. I know I have a pride that may very well kill me one day, but I refuse to live being regarded as a coward or an easy target for wrongdoers.

Comic book fans say Batman's lack of superpowers is compensated for by prep time and resources.
Many of you have lots of both! Whether you use it or not is up to you!
If you want to learn self defense techniques you don't have to look very far.

Below are links to tutorial videos I have found in under 15 minutes!

If you don't feel like taking the trouble to equip yourself to fight back I guess that your circumstances are just not bad enough yet...

Many of you might say that it is impossible to get a firearm licence nowadays.

This is nothing new. I suspect that the Goverment is using the police to disarm us as far as possible. Whether this suspicion is correct or not is of little concern. Not so long ago (during the 1920's) the Ryukyu Islands got occupied by Japanese forces. The inhabitants were not allowed to carry weapons or practice any martial arts. Nonetheless- any Karate enthusiast can tel you that these people found ways to overcome this obstacle in order to protect themselves and their art.

Damn! Even Kungfu has survived a ban by the Communist Government of 1945 and the 1950's. Taking a leaf from the book of these warriors would be a really good idea.

This is in all probability the gloomiest post I have ever typed...

Fact is, however, that many of us get dealt a hand in life that we cannot refuse. We have to play that hand. We as a people may choose to play this hand as a bunch of self-pitying victims or we can find the courage of our ancestors within ourselves and come out to meet this challenge head on!

'n Boer maak 'n plan!  

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