Saturday, 4 February 2017

My annual trip to Nan Hua Temple- and my coach on Saturdays.

If you don't know me yet I just want to get you on the same page as me before you think this is some annual pilgrimage to renew my focus and to purify my soul etc etc.

This particular trip to a temple was to celebrate Chinese New Year, show a new friend around, eat as many treats as I can and to get the WeChat ID of the girl at the bubble tea stall.

This festival happens to have multicultural performances and among these a Chinese Kungfu demonstration is usually featured.

This time around the demonstration was not given by Chinese students like all the previous years.

The demonstration team was made up of South African instructors and students instead.

It is a pity that these schools are mainly in Gauteng and the Western Cape. I would have liked to attend classes...

Back here I want to show you someone who observes and understands the importance and sacredness of the Saturday Morning Workout.

Can you see her? Look! Right there behind the stairs.

Patrys (you can call her Patricia) is a bullterrier that takes interest in everything we do at home. 

Saturday mornings have become an institution with us and I often find her fetching me from my bed on Saturdays so that we can go do this. :D

The space behind the stairs is the safest place for her to be once the weapons and limbs get swung about. 

I hope you all enjoy your weekends as well.

Until next time!

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