Saturday, 3 December 2016

AimaFakhin Spambot wants to join Martial Arts Forums- and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Hi, everyone!

This year has come to its end and as is the custom with me I will be taking a break from blogging.

So- this is the last post from me for this year.

I feel like taking a break from all the martial arts talk you usually find here and tell you a bit about a pet peeve of mine that has haunted me ever since I have become an Admin to a wonderful community on G+ called Martial Arts Forums.

Martial Arts Forums had less than 1000 members when I joined. It now stands at 1 202 members and I have noticed that it is getting a lot of attention.

Now- I don't know whether the Community had this before I joined, but it seems that a lot of requests to join the Community come from either an automated source or just people who have just created an account.

As a result I have hit the reject button quite a bit this year.

The following types of profile got the boot from me this year:

1. Profiles representing a business that has nothing to do with Martial Arts: Really guys- if we want travel agents or suppliers of fluorescent lights we will look for you- or suppliers that are in our own countries.

2. People who seem to live only to spam: Really, people... Do these people really think we want to see a video of Winnie the Pooh and Donald Duck?! From where I am looking this person's life seems to be just about that one video that already got shared to 3 different communities! Our community can do without it.

3.  People with no profile photo:  Having worked as an Admin on other pages and sites before I have learnt that this is a sign of trouble. A community like ours is no place for someone to anonymously post shocking images or say something infuriating just for the fun of it and then run off. We have really awesome people here who share their knowledge and listen to each other. I have seen all of their faces. If you think that this is a place where you can come and anonymously make trouble until you get banned, you are mistaken.

That about wraps it up about the undesirables- 

Now- let's look at my favourite people in Martial Arts Forums:

1. Colman Fink: From what I gather Colman shares my love for Karate and Taijiquan. These two arts are also taught by him.

2. Owen Johnston: If I am correct Owen is currently studying Karate. Like me- Owen does not go to a gym to train his muscles, but has lots of ways to use his home environment or that of a park to train. Owen has been demonstrating a lot of what he knows in this regard. Calisthenics seem to be his specialty.

3. Abisha Soans: This cute yellow belt Goju Ryu student in India is really enthusiastic and I have enjoyed her questions and posts. It makes me happy to see someone enjoying this community so much.

I don't know whether Miki Yamaguchi has joined us. She is in a Shotokan Community that I have joined at a time I don't remember now... If she is in Martial Arts Forums I like her as well. She is the only Japanese karateka I can see on Google+ and I appreciate her sharing her experiences in Japan with us. Guys like me are bound to end up there someday and a preview or two helps a lot.

As for training- that goes on for me as usual. Only thing is that a chest injury still has me on light exercises, but experience has taught me that it will be 3 weeks until I can go all-out again.

To all of you a Merry Christmas and a New Year with glorious milestones!

Stay Well!

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