Sunday, 27 November 2016

Where I have been this Saturday

I like my routine.

I'd lie if I say that it has never been disturbed. One group of people with whom I have grown more and more comfortable giving a Saturday to every once in a while is my karate school. 

I have noticed that I don't find Sensei John on the internet if I search WSKF South Africa, but definitely when I search "Shotokan Karate South Africa".

Yesterday's year end training for brown and black belts was at Hazyview's dojo. This awesome class room is situated on the farm of Sensei Danie Janse van Vuuren and his wife Sensei Sandra.

It was once a tobacco shed. 

Sensei Danie told me that the mats and equipment you see on the walls were donated by one of the students- Vincent Galaca. He has recently passed his Shodan Grading.

Due to the rubber pistols being there we got treated to a gun disarming demonstration from Sensei John.

That was after an intense kihon session with Sensei John (still stiff!), a really harrowing kumite session with Sensei Louis (the throbbing from a certain mawashi geri to my head has worn off- I'm sure I'll get to return the favour somewhere next year...) and lastly Sensei John teaching us the kata Sochin, which is now finally part of my collection of kata! This now puts me at 15 out of Shotokan's 26 kata.

Then this photo got taken...

It is really an honour for me to appear in the same photo as this awesome group of people.

O! If you wonder why this post did not come earlier today you should ask her:

That is it for now. Wishing you all a great week ahead!

Zai Jian!


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