Saturday, 17 September 2016

Special Footwork Technique 2: Crushing Step

Today's footwork technique ought to look familiar to karate people.

The best video I could find about it is Sifu Tony Puyot's video on his Mantis Boxers Youtube channel, though.

Ironically, where our Shotokan sensei wants to discourage us from starting to move with the rear foot first, because it is too obvious Sifu Puyot says that it is better to do so , BECAUSE, moving with the front foot first is too obvious.

Regardless of what your opinion on this type of step may be, it can't be disputed that it improves your reach with a metre or so. This helps to launch penetrating attacks against an opponent who prefers to retreat out of reach when you attack.

Here is the video if you prefer that to text:

Let's look at what makes this step effective:

1. You start off at what may feel like a "safe" distance. Opponent may retreat every time he thinks you are advancing...

2. Although not obvious here, the upper body and hands play a large part in getting the opponent's attention raised away from your feet as you take the half step to launch you into the opponent. 

3. And off you go! I don't get why they say it, but it is said that to hit the body take half a step, to hit the head take a full step. This step counts as a full step and you can see that the face can be reached.

This concludes my second post in a three part series of posts on special footwork techniques.

Next weekend's technique shall be the Following Step.

Until then- Stay well and train diligently. 

O! I have posted all the pages of my first book!!!

Next weekend we will start with the Wenhsiuquan Book on Defence!

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