Saturday, 23 April 2016

My first group of kids

Hi, Everyone

Last night I got a group of four kids to teach for the very first time.

Ages were 13, 11, 10 and 5.

Because it was a self defense class I did not intend to give too much attention to strict karate basics. As the students struggled to make their techniques work, however, we realised that a good grasp of the basics is necessary- especially with regard to stances.

What never gets old with teaching kids throws is when they start with "But he's too big!" and later on end up with that excited look when they realise they have just done that throw.

Those are the bigger kids.

As for the 5 year old boy we started with basic stances and blocks. A fun thing to do with kungfu is to teach them the different animals found in the movements. I prefer not to teach fighting to kids at such a young age, but the basic movements do wonders for their development.

You all know Mahiro, right?

I wonder what she and those other kids get taught...

My karate instructor, Sensei Louw Venter has an impressive group of young white, orange and yellow belts. This boisterous group of youngsters may at times appear to be too much to handle, but they willingly participate in all the class exercises and thoroughly enjoy free sparring. It really does one good to see such good spirit in a class.

They are said to be a bit naughty, but I say that naughty kids usually do the best karate. What do you say? 

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