Saturday, 11 July 2015

My Book on Strikes is done!

This book is the last on Wenhsiuquan technique. There is now a book on grappling, defense and striking.

This is also the last book in which I needed a partner to help me demonstrate techniques. The next book is on physical exercises that form a vital part of each training session. I think I can do that without a partner.

My friends have taught me a valuable lesson with the writing of these 3 books. I was always aware of how many people had involved me in their schemes and hare-brained ideas, but now I realised that I also had people willing to help me realise some hair-brained ideas of my own.

Each one of the 3 books contain a form (taolu or kata) at the end. I have added a video of the kata in the most recent book. At present this style has 7 forms for basic practice. When I am done modifying the 7 katas from karate we shall have 14 forms.

Thank you all for following this blog.

Next year the contents of the first book shall be posted on this very blog for download. Because the blog has no means of posting a PDF file I shall post it page by page along with the post for that week.

Train well and- if you post on Blogger, G+ or Facebook- share it with me as well!

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