Sunday, 15 February 2015

Then and now

When I first took up karate I started with Shukokai. Despite the fact that Shotokan was a long established style and much older I was taught that the Shukokai method was the best of the two.

Later on we moved to a place with no Shukokai school and I got the chance to study Shotokan for 2 years. Where Shukokai virtually discarded hip rotation at the time and chose a head-on shomen facing kamae I got a chance to learn to fight from the sideways, hanmi position.

With my study of Jeet Kune Do I took a big liking in the hanmi position and did my best to copy the fighting stance in Brue Lee's Tao of Jeet Kune Do.

When Taijiquan and Hsingyiquan came into my life I replaced the springy on-the-balls-of-the-feet fighting stance with a more grounded and stable base from which I could launch more powerful attacks. This new base also enabled me to utilise my grappling techniques much easier. Shaolin Kung Fu taught me the value of the old ways and my kickboxing manner that I worked hard to cultivate made way for a calmer attitude towards fighting.

Those of you who are moving from one style to the other-

How are you experiencing the change? What are you taking with you? What are you leaving behind?

Those who seek a deeper understanding of the style with which they are currently engaged-
How has your idea of the style changed since you have once started?

I wish you all a good week and good training ahead.  

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