Tuesday, 16 December 2014

2 more forms

One of these forms use the leopard fist in my favourite ways. My fingertips (and also those of a lot of people I know) are not strong enough for snake fist and spear hand, but anyone can use a leopard fist. 

In Japanese it is known as "hiraken" or "half fist"

For those of you who need a picture- here's two. This fist's two easiest target areas are the ribs and larynx. From the right position you can also attack the kidneys.

The other form- again has more throws. Two of the techniques in this form deal with a straight push/ punch by grabbing the attacking limb and pulling it in. This is how leg or hip throws can get executed. Three of the other attacks uproot the opponent by seizing on of his legs.

It is already a given that we do not fight in the same way we do kata. This is exercise- not fighting.

It is also a good way to memorise techniques and to work on them while not under fire.

What self defense techniques do you like to practice that are totally banned from competition?  

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