Sunday, 26 January 2014

Are you defeated?

In a lot of martial arts contests seasoned contestants accept the ability to inflict physical harm as a given and do not focus on this to attain victory. It is because they know that to gain that advantage, to create that opening and to ultimately gain control over the fight it is necessary to inflict some real psychological trauma.

Fortunately a lot of fighters in this day and age are not "without a death spot" as the Tao Te Ching puts it. This means they can be unsettled and beaten.

A strong spirit, however, which is not unsettled by any material setback, physical pain or even disease keeps a fighter standing. As long as this warrior's spirit is alive the fighter shall keep on fighting to the very end.

We have certainly faced many obstacles on our way and shall meet many more in the days to come. Whether our will to keep going will bring success I cannot honestly say, but I have no doubt that giving up is a certain defeat.

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