Monday, 24 September 2012

The Sai

The Sai is a weapon which became known to the West when it was found being used on the Ryukyu Islands during the 1920's. Generally recognised as a "karate weapon" its techniques strongly resemble karate techniques.

The Sai is a bludgeoning as well as a stabbing weapon, with prongs that are used to trap weapons. Although it can be used as a single weapon, the Sai is usually seen used in pairs. This allows for the practitioner to incorporate the teachings of Musashi's Nito Ryu- style of sword fighting. Twirling movements during form practice improves dexterity.

Before thediscoveryof the Sai on the Ryukyu Islands the Samurai in Japan had a truncheon with a single prong called the Jutte. It is very likely that the techniques taught by karate schools nowadays would employ Jutte tecniques as well, especially when the weapon is used against a sword.

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