Monday, 2 May 2011

Force Training- Demonstrations of Force

Now let's assume that you have been practicing Kung Fu for a couple of years. How would one know? Amongst the signs of a trained martial artist are the keen reflexes and agility- and also the physical strength. There are actually more subtle signs as well. I'll give four of my favorite demonstrations:

1.  Breaking Techniques: Who doesn't love breaking boards, coconuts, roof tiles, floor tiles and bricks? If strong attacking force has been developed breaking objects should be easy and should be done with very little pain- if any. If it hurts- or if the object doesn't break- go back and practice more. Be patient.

2.  The immovable stance:  A master does not get pulled or pushed, but he can throw his opponents around like rag dolls.

3.  One Inch Punch:  Still one of my favourite demonstrations. A martial artist with a strong enough "snap" in his punch does not need a lot of space to punch.

4.  Wind Strike: Usually a palm strike or punch is used. If executed correctly a gust of wind is created. It would be powerful enough to extuinguish a candle. If you can do more- like knock a distant opponent off his feet- let me know!

This concludes the chapter on Force. Next post will start with Technique.- Lots of pictures and videos!

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