Thursday, 21 April 2011


If you have stumbled across this blog I would hope that you are interested in Chinese Martial Arts as much as I am. The Chinese Martial Arts have always been, and still are evolving and adapting. New styles develop without us knowing. You may not realise this, but all the martial arts styles on earth rely on the same universal principles, but are different from each other due to the approach taken.

Wen Hsiu Quan (Wen Hsiu Fist) is actually my approach to the Chinese Martial Arts- or, if you would, my style of Kung Fu.

It was developed after a study of Shotokan and Shukokai Karate followed by research into the Chinese roots of Karate. This study took an interesting turn to the Shaolin style Chinese Boxing and Taijiquan.

The actual techniques that I will demonstrate over time herein were derived from Shaolin Kung Fu, Taijiquan (Tai Chi), Baguazhang (Eight Trigrams Palm) and Hsing I Quan (Form of Mind Boxing).
Kicking techniques are mainly Shukokai Karate, Wing Chun Quan and Shaolin.

All martial arts are comprised of three essential elements. These are:

1)    Force

2)    Technique

3)     Tactics

This is one of the universal principles that hold true with all martial arts. Different martial arts have different methods of developing these three elements. Still- they are necessary.

I hope that this blog will assist other martial artists in supplementing their training in their current discipline. It may actually provide a deeper understanding of your current art.

My next post will focus on the first element- Force.

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